Welcome to TransitMatters!

Just wanted to make sure you all know we're still alive, but also to be aware that we're just working out a few kinks as we update the structure of our site as we lean further into advocacy.

If you have any awesome talents that you'd like to lend to TransitMatters, feel free to reach out to us via emailTwitter, or ourFacebook Page. We'd also love for you to join us in our advocacy efforts as members and volunteers of TransitMatters and we'll be retooling our registration and subscription forms so you can let us know how active you'd like to be.

We appreciate the groundswell of support that we've seen in the last few weeks as you've sought answers and have echoed your support by sharing our tweets and blog posts to your networks. We've got a few advocacy initiatives in store to build on the momentum that you folks have given us so stay tuned!


Lede photo via Metrolinx on Flickr


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